For over twenty-four years Woodland Prescott has been providing specialty accounting services for its clients with a focus on debt elimination in as short of time possible, recapturing interest costs that would otherwise be forfeited to their creditors.
Third-Party Trust Administrator. Woodland Prescott acts as a TPTA for its clients. Clients deposit funds into a trust account from which their creditor payments are made by Woodland Prescott.
Margin, as defined by Woodland Prescott, are discretionary funds that are either voluntarily contributed by our clients or are generated by paying off a debt account. The retired debt monthly payment becomes margin towards their program, which is applied as an additional principal payment to the remaining debts.
MAPS is an acronym, Margin-Acceleration-Plan-Strategy. Woodland Prescott or an Independent Agent may generate a MAPS Analysis for a prospective client. This analysis outlines the client’s potential debt-free date and the possible interest savings, it also clearly discloses all costs and program fees.
It is not magic or a secret. The truth is that anyone could do what Woodland Prescott does for their clients but our experience shows that most fail with their DIY attempts. The MAPS Program simply executes a debt snowball, usually paying off the lowest balance debt first then using its monthly payment towards the next lowest debt, one after the other until all debts are retired including the mortgage.
A: When you enroll in the MAPS Program there is no change to where your creditors' statements are delivered. You will continue to receive your statements as you are now, you are expected to open your mailed monthly statements and review them each month. This is the best way to confirm that your debts are being paid on time. If there is any irregularity on your statement you are asked to contact debt-servicing immediately so that the issue can be resolved.
All costs and fees will be clearly explained in your complimentary MAPS Analysis. The monthly management fee is currently $29.95 per month. Your personal MAPS analysis shows your projected debt-free date and potential interest savings net of all fees. As a result, all of the fees are paid from the saved interest you would have paid to your creditors if not on the MAPS Program.
The average range for most clients is between 7 to 12 years.
The average interest savings is between $80,000 to $140,000.